Academics: Our chapters strive to set the standard for academic achievement among all UC Davis student organizations. 

Dues: Depending on the chapter, dues will vary in price. Most charge on a quarterly basis. 

Housing: Some chapters have housing available for students. All contracts, agreements, and living situations at any fraternity house must be handled through the chapter and the master lease holder. 

When To Be Concerned And What To Do: 

1. If your student is involved in rushing or pledging an unrecognized group, talk about it with them and find out as much as you can about their understanding of the situation.

  • If they’re pledging an unrecognized group, let them know if that is acceptable or unacceptable to you. Determine whether it is acceptable to you or your student that they’re involved with a group that disregards rules.
  • Contact the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life to inform them about rule infractions by recognized groups.

2. Hazing is a risk with any group, recognized or unrecognized. It is the symptoms of hazing that are often the first signs to parents that their student is pledging.

3. If your student’s quarterly grades are lower than you expect, they may not have found a good balance between academic and non-academic activities or they may be struggling with adjustment issues.

  • Let your student know about your expectations regarding their grades.
  • Remind them of the many resources that are available on campus to support their academic and personal adjustment. The staff in the residence halls is an excellent resource for that information.